Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Marketing a Party Event (Part 3 of 5): Broadcasting the Party

(T minus 3 weeks until showtime...)

After the studies have been presented and reviewed during the conceptualization stage, it's now time to get down and dirty with the actual execution of the ads. As the plans for the event were still being granulated down to the last detail, I still had not much idea to put into the ads themselves other than that it will be a formal event on the 14th of December, with awards being presented out and would be serving dinner and cocktail drinks to the attendees.

The design as a marriage of imagery and typography
With these things in mind, I came up with the first two designs (variants of each other) that used a cocktail drink as its main imagery with majority of the design area pervaded by information text (with playful color reinterpretation):

Wavy and vibrant lines were added at the background in order to convey the festive atmosphere anticipated for such an event. However, it has been determined that the aesthetics of the design lacked the vibrancy that would entice the target event participants. The next design hopefully solved this dilemma:

This approach however implied drinking and dancing the night away and sort of did not impress the need for the event, which was to have a town-hall meeting.

Letting the design speak a thousand words
As the past couple of designs were giving too much information away and (in my opinion) not investing on the audience's interest too much, I decided to play on the idea with the awards component of the event. I came up with the award envelope as a symbolic image of the event.

I went on to mix and match different backgrounds to go with the main image and found that the simplest look of the three above spoke the loudest and therefore was selected unanimously to be finalized into the following final design:

And thus, Ad 01 of 03 was completed.

To be continued...

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