Sunday, September 16, 2012

Marketing a Party Event (Part 4 of 5): Giving Out The Invitations

Once the ads have been broadcast, it was time to set-up the actual party and give out the invitations. After so much fruitless searching for the perfect venue to host the party, we were fortunate enough to land a reservation in a social hall (near a church). So the rest of the team went about in setting up the place while I took over creating the invitations for the upcoming event.

Designing the invitations
In order to maintain consistency between the ads (created in the previous weeks) and the planned invites, I recycled past designs and re-used them in the invites. I made sure that in order for the resolution comes out in print-quality, the Photoshop canvas used was upped to at least 300 dpi (400 dpi or more is recommended). Event details (laid out in text) made up the majority of the print space, while some food and champagne imagery were also incorporated in order to "soften" the look, and provided the viewer ideas on what to expect in the party itself. A couple of designs were submitted for print, as the main design was intended for the staff, while an alternate was to be given to the executives.

Main version of the invite

Alternate version of the invite

Next up will be the final installment in this series, which will include a retrospection of the event that happened.

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